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The philosophy of The Justice Education Center, Inc. is that the struggle to prevent and reduce crime, improve public safety, and strengthen local communities cannot be waged by the justice system alone - it requires working partnerships among the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of government, educational systems, and the communities they represent.

It is for this reason that The Center’s Board of Directors includes the senior officials of Connecticut’s juvenile and criminal justice systems as well as a cross-section of leaders in the business, community, and educational sectors.

Operational since 1976, its goal is to prevent and reduce crime and strengthen communities and improve public safety through the development of innovative policy and programming reforms.

Examples of key roles include assisting in the development of juvenile and adult community-based sanctions; raising the age of juveniles to 18; staffing the Task Force that created nationally-recognized reforms in eyewitness identification; and, creating a public/private partnership to enable access to technology careers for youth-at-risk.

The Justice Education Center, Inc. has been dedicated to policymaker and public education in justice reform. This commitment has manifested itself with a number of statewide campaigns, including: two documentaries on the role of incarceration and community-based sanctions in justice policy; a live :90 special on child sexual abuse, an incarceration simulation for Connecticut General Assembly members at the Old Haddam Jail, and a series of seminars for electronic and print media on key criminal justice topics in partnership with the Connecticut Humanities Council.

Lastly, The Center’s executive director served as a training consultant to the Department of Justice’s National Institute of Corrections, Bureau of Prisons in the fields of marketing community corrections for correctional, probation and parole offices throughout the country.

For more information about The Justice Education Center, Inc, or any of the programs we offer, feel free to send us an email or contact us directly.

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