Career Pathways Technology Collaborative

Career Pathways Technology Collaborative

The Career Pathways Technology Collaborative provides pre-apprenticeship credentialed technology training to at-risk, over-age and under-credited 16-24 year olds who are attending traditional and alternative high schools, adult education programs as well as youth who are no longer attending school.   

Career Pathways recognized that encouraging a student’s aptitudes and interests will lead to the successful completion of high school, apprenticeships, potential future study in two and four year institutions or immediate entry into long-term sustainable careers.

  • Career Pathways enables students to acquire credits toward their high school diploma or GED, obtain entry or competitive level employment or seek further technology certifications through union or community college programs.
  • The Collaborative focuses on contextualized learning - encouraging students to make the important connections between numeracy and literacy requirements and their careers. In some instances, college credits are also awarded while completing high school requirements.
  • Complementing the technology courses, certifications in OSHA 10, First Aid/CPR, and Serv-Safe Allergen are offered.
  • Career Pathways emphasizes social and emotional learning, understanding workplace culture and team-building skills through its ECHO personal development program.
  • Safety is an essential component of the Career Pathways Tech Collaborative. Mandatory training lessons are held in the beginning of each semester to address safety procedures prior to the use of any school equipment or tools.

Whether a young adult or adult learner, developing social and emotional life skills for the workplace are instrumental to success. Providing students with job shadowing and internship experiences are essential components in exposing them to business and industry cultures and standards. In addition to the rigorous training in each of the technical fields, there are essential classes which students must take to complete their educational experience.


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