In School Model - Bassick High School in Bridgeport

Building Trades, Culinary Arts and College Applications

In the fall of 2018, a second Career Pathways Technology Corridor was launched in Bridgeport at Bassick High School in partnership with the Bridgeport Board of Education, the Laborers International Union and its Local 665, and The WorkPlace (the region’s Workforce Development Board). The Corridor provides students with opportunities for high school credit attainment, professional skills training, financial literacy, employability skills, OSHA10 credentialing and post-graduation apprenticeship training.   Enrolled students receive 20 credits over the course of two semesters towards high school graduation upon successful completion of the program.

Also offered is a Culinary Arts program that teaches students the basic skills of culinary and farm-to-table meal preparation.  All students receive a comprehensive curriculum in career development, professional skills training, financial literacy and employability skills. Students are credentialed in Serv-Safe as Food Handlers upon successful completion of the program, earn 10 credits per semester, and qualify for support services offered by The WorkPlace.  

Career Pathways’ partnership with Housatonic Community College enables students’ full access to the campus, a college-level computer course, financial aid seminars and tours.  Students are guided through the college application process which includes the AccuPlacer exam which is required for admission.

Career Exploration

Through its partnership with The WorkPlace, the Center’s Career Exploration program enables out-of-school youth to develop career skills and goals towards obtaining employment and advancing within their chosen fields. 

Career Exploration offers work readiness training that includes exploration activities, experiential learning, financial literacy and, when needed, remediation. The development of individual career plans and job portfolios are critical components to the program.

Bridgeport students who are over-age and under-credit receive intensive individualized educational courses and job readiness skills.  During the summer months, Career Pathways youth who successfully complete each semester are given the opportunity for paid internships through The WorkPlace.

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