ECHO - Self Esteem, Health, and Wellness

ECHO Perfect 10 is a training and experiential learning initiative implemented in 2012 to prepare high school and young adults for introduction to workplace culture, nurture interest in a variety of employment opportunities, increase self-confidence and ultimately support successful employment placement.  It is a preparatory employment program comprised of three learning tiers – curricula-based training (Tier I), job shadowing (Tier II) and internships (Tier III), and is available to high school and college students who reside in Fairfield and New Haven counties.  The 10 ECHO core values provide the template for the ECHO Perfect 10 program.

ECHO - Self Esteem, Health and Wellness

ECHO (Empathy, Character, Hope and Opportunity) is a social and emotional development approach which uses 10 core values to instill positive attitudes and behaviors in young people, grades K-12.  ECHO focuses on building resiliency and self-esteem using caring adults to model and reinforce positive attitudes and behaviors. Its principles are infused within all of The Center’s programs.

ECHO Core Messages emphasize a personal code of conduct that includes refraining from committing acts of harassment and not tolerating that behavior in others; resolving conflict using positive strategies; developing empathy and respect for others; defining success as kindness and personal character; and, committing to personal wellness through exercise and nutrition. 

ECHO is designed to work within classroom, after-school, summer and sports settings. Currently ECHO programs are in Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Stratford, and Norwalk.

A key component of ECHO is conveying core value messages in a safe environment.  The vast majority of participants report that they feel safe while participating in ECHO.

ECHO Overview