Bias Crimes and Bullying

Bias Crimes Diversion for Adults

The Bias Crimes Diversion Project is a 10-week interactive, research-based curriculum created by The Justice Education Center. It is used by the Connecticut Judicial Branch as a pre-trial or sentencing option for persons accused or convicted of bias crimes. The curriculum is designed to impact attitudes and behaviors by increasing the participant’s cognitive, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.

Bias and Bullying - School Diversion for Youth

The Bias and Bullying School Diversion Curriculum focuses on changing the attitudes and behaviors of students exhibiting bullying behaviors. It is designed as an in-school alternative to suspension or expulsion options. The curriculum is aligned with National School Climate Standards and can be used as an essential school climate improvement strategy.

State of CT Enactment Connecticut’s Hate Crimes Laws

Curriculum Overview School Diversion Project